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Singularly Selfish….

Despite the ever shifting sands which are most large IT departments/divisions/directorates; the underlying structure has not changed for many years. Indeed, most IT departments look very similar to the IT departments of the mainframe era and mostly are analogues of the past. And the longer something stays the same, the longer it stays the same; the resistance to change will cause most organisations to simply spring back to a previous form.

Yet we are talking about new paradigms and new delivery models but how do we stop this simply springing back into the previous form.

Transformational change is required but can most organisations actually achieve this? Only you can answer that question for your own organisation but I would suggest looking around you and think about the changes that you can make. It might be worth being a little bit selfish and ask yourself these questions?

How do I have more fun and go home happy pretty much every day? How do I make my job more satisfying?

I think until you can answer that question and decide on your destination; all the technological changes in the world are probably going to be little difference to the delivery of the IT Service. I think ultimately, a new service model will make your life a lot easier and a lot more fun…in fact, the positive impact on you may well be greater than that of it on the Business.

Yes, we spend a lot of time talking about technological and organisational change but take it back to you and work on being happier.

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