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Storagebod is better known as Martin Glassborow, an IT geek who has been playing around with computers for over 30 years; who at the age of 4 having been left alone in a university computer room proceeded to re-IPL the mainframe. He has been breaking IT infrastructure since then!

A career which has taken in banking, shipping, petrochemicals, seismic and many other industries, Martin is currently adrift in a sea of media working on building one of the largest digital media archives in Europe.

As well as IT, Martin has been known to pontificate on many subjects and can be relied on to look at the world through the eyes of a deranged child! Never, ever discuss Templar-related conspiracy theories with him!

If you have been watching the television or reading various websites; you may have seen a family tree of Kate Middleton showing her grand-mother being one Valerie Glassborow. And the answer is ‘Yes, Martin is related to Kate Middleton; she is probably a sixth or seventh cousin and no, of course he hasn’t been asked to the wedding! You can bow when you meet him if you really want to but it is really not necessary unless you are a vendor and trying to sell him something!’

And if you ever wondered what Martin looks like as he seems to avoid photos; there is a very, very old picture here, can you find him!


  1. Jessie Fadayel says:


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  2. John Hearns says:

    Martin, I heard you on the Speaking in Tech podcast, which was linked on the Register.
    Never been to a Storagebeers before, but it sounds good.
    In the immortal words of that great poet Homer: “Mmmmmmm… Beer….”

  3. Stijn says:

    Hello Martin. I just started to read the book Rethinking Enterprise Storage, for which you did the foreword. It reminds me of this technology I once came across:

    I thought it might be interesting for you to take a look.

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