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#storagebeers is a social gathering of storage and infrastructure folks; it grew out of the semi-regular gatherings of a group of storage managers in the UK. #storagebeers are intended to be informal, vendor-neutral and most importantly, they should involve beer and not that distant approximation consumed by our American cousins.

If you want to arrange your own #storagebeers event; you should feel free to do so, as long as you stick to the basic rules of Beer and Neutrality! This neutrality does not preclude sales, marketing and other non-technical folks from attending but it does mean that you must play nice!

Next #storagebeers are as follows

Thursday 15th September 2011 – likely venue – The Dispensary, Leman Street nr Aldgate. Generally a really good beer selection with a variety of real ales. Good choice of curry venues nearby as well.

Thursday 20th October 2011 – likely venue – nr IP Expo – 20th October is the day of Woz’s keynote.

Tuesday 1st November & Wednesday 2nd November – likely venue – nr SNW Europe conference venue, Frankfurt

Please note the final date is in Germany.



  • TobyGavin

    Martin, would be keen to organise a storagebeers gig….what’s the crack?