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This list will grow as I add stuff!


Although I still love Dropbox for ease of use; recent security problems has made me more nervous about using it to store secure documents.  I’ve been using Truecrypt for sometime but it’s not always the most convenient solution and not necessarily the most bandwidth friendly. So I’m looking for a portable single file encryption system. Still for the time-being, I’ll continue to use Dropbox to store stuff I am not especially worried about.

If you aren’t a Dropbox user already; use my referral link and we’ll both get some extra space.

Yes, there are other Cloud Storage solutions, I believe the Dropbox is the best or certainly amongst the best.

Spotify Premium

No more syncing my music to iTunes any more; no more ripping CDs. My music now lives in the Cloud, I have it with me all the time (more or less). Okay, there are still a few bands which are not on Spotify but there are plenty more who are; I’ve discovered a huge amount of new music on Spotify.


This is a really nice little Twitter gadget for Windows 7; fairly simply but I just leave it running on my secondary monitor and I can follow what’s going on in Twitter-land.


One of the ways that I’m getting around the Dropbox security issue is to start using OpenVPN so that I secure and store documents at home but via VPN access can access them as and when I need. With a 5Mbit upload; it’s not too bad for most things.

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