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VMware gets a Rocket

So VMware carry along on the acquisition trail, now picking up SlideRocket. SlideRocket, a SaaS provider specialising in enabling the creation and sharing of presentations; think Cloud Powerpoint appears to be another brick in the strategy to enable VMware to cover all bases when it comes to all things Cloud.

I guess we have got to expect this to be integrated somehow into the Zimbra Collaboration Appliance and I guess the next thing on the shopping list is going to be a full Cloud-based Office Suite as well. It seems that VMware have an aggressive expansion into as many parts of the enterprise stack as possible in plan.

Or is it that VMware have a lot of vapourware presentations that they want to get out there and share? Perhaps they are fed-up with paying Microsoft for the licensing fees of Powerpoint?

Who knows? But let’s keep that bubble expanding….the vBubble!

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