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Cloud Storage without Cloud….

Another day, another new Cloud Storage Service; today I got an invite for AeroFS which is a Cloud Storage Service with a difference, it doesn’t necessarily store your data in the Cloud unless you ask it to, what it does do is manage a number of folders (AeroFS calls them libraries) and allow you to sync them between your various machines using a peer-to-peer protocol.

You can share the folders with other people on the service  and you can also decide which of the folders get synced to each of your machines which gives you a fairly coarse-grained sync. You also decide which of the folders get backed-up to the Cloud, so it is possible just back-up those folders that are important.

There is client support for Windows, Mac and Linux at present.

Currently the service is an invite-only alpha and I’ve not had a huge amount of time to play with it but it looks like a potentially interesting alternative to Dropbox but it will need mobile clients for it to truly compete. I do like the P2P aspects of the service and I do like that I can sync pretty much unlimited data between the clients. It is certainly one to watch.

AeroFS is here.


  1. Michael Sena says:

    Hey man; I’d love to have a go of AeroFS. Do you mind inviting me to it? 😀

    1. Martin Glassborow says:

      I don’t seem to have invites to hand-out; just go and register and eventually they’ll invite you.

  2. bardiir says:


    it would be great if you could invite me if you got any invites.

    Thanks in advance,

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