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So the Storage Vendors' Blog Poll has finished over at the Monkeys; I must admit the result was a bit of a surprise and I suspect that there has been a fair amount of ballot-box stuffing going on; I am not sure about hanging chads, more a case of vote early, vote often!

There were three blogs which I feel deserve special mention and I am going to award my own accolades! Firstly, the 'Barry Of Distinction' award i.e The BOD goes jointly to Barry Burke and Barry Whyte

Barry blogs with passion about his product believing strongly in the fact that his is the best product!

Barry believes that Barry's product is quite simply the wrong approach and technically flawed!

Barry believes that HDS lags his product and HDS generally can't do math!

Barry believes that Barry's product is simply all marketing and bluster!

Barry quite likes and respects Barry but would rather that Barry did not know it!

Barry is technically very knowledgeable but also has a wicked sense of humour!

So I am pleased to award the inaugural Barry of Distinction to Barry!

The blog which I was most amazed to see missing was that of Marc Farley! What can one say about Marc's Storagerap blog?

The SWCAA would simply be illegal in the UK but he's not in the UK and can get away with it!

The League of Suspcious Avatars? A mark of honour amongst fellow storage bloggers to appear in this! A true recognition of achievement!

And then there's Marc's raps! The music industry's loss is our gain (I think!!)

So I am please to award the inaugural Mark of Distinction to Marc!

Now, go and vote in the Monkey's non-vendor blog poll! I'd like it if you voted for me but there are many worthy bloggers mentioned, many of whom for this is not a paid endeavour and they deserve the recognition!!


  1. I am both Humbled and Honored, just as is BarryW I am sure.
    Thanks, Martin!

  2. As Val Bercovici said to me only today; not “ballot stuffing”, we prefer to call it “getting out the vote”. Fair and legal, don’t you agree?
    It is a shame Marc fell below the line. Next year perhaps.

  3. Barry Whyte says:

    LOL – you know too much Martin πŸ™‚ Your vote is in the bad now πŸ˜‰
    BTW, I was thinking that we now have a new blogism – “doing a NetApp”
    TBH, after spotting I’d been nominated, work has been crazy (not to mention Lego projects) that I was a little out of touch blog wise and missed the vendor vote altogether, or I may have ‘publicised’ it a but more! lol
    But thanks for the thought πŸ™‚

  4. Barry Whyte says:

    bad should have been bag above ^^^ dyslexic dyping πŸ˜‰

  5. marc farley says:

    Martin, Thanks for the nods here! It is a far greater honor to have those than the votes in the SM poll. And FWIW, I appreciate being put in your post with the Barry Brother Bloggers – that is truly excellent company (although we tend to spar a bit).

  6. John F says:

    If it’s a joint award to Barry and Barry, how can it be a Barry of Distinction (BOD)? Perhaps the Indistinct Barry (IB)or Bluster and Bravado Barry (BABB), or Indistinct Barry of Bluster and Bravado Yearly (IBOBABY,) but I think distinction is definitely not the word to describe the joint Barryness of the award. Now Marc of Distinction, I can go with that… Marc is certainly unique.

  7. Martin G says:

    You will note that I awarded it jointly; a Joint Barry of Distinction award was made!

  8. John F says:

    Well, I suspect that there has been a fair amount of award distincting, but it is what it is. More likely a case of distinct early, distinct often… I know, a new blogism – distincting a barry.
    Everyone has their opinion, and some have a soapbox to declare them from. It was what it was, and I doubt it was important enough in the minds of most to cheat. If you don’t like the result, give out your own awards (that’s right, you did). Don’t pull a Chuck and create Netapp conspiracy theories out of every random event.
    I see you’re currently in the top 10 for the individual blogs, as are many of the gestalt bloggers… You could use the same logic and spin conspiracy theories there as well I suppose. It’s a crying shame didn’t make the top 10… Looks like gestalt ballot box stuffing … It’s silly nonsense created by poor sportsmen in denial.
    BTW: I am glad to see my favorite (Curtis Preston) holding the number 1 slot πŸ˜‰

  9. John F. says:

    Ok, had my coffee. So the JBOD award goest to the Barry Boys… Somehow, I get the nagging feeling that order has been restored within the unifarce.
    may thr frsk be with you.

  10. Martin G says:

    John, I am privy to a number of emails which suggest that some vendors took the Storage Monkeys’ poll very seriously. Some people really wanted to win; that includes both EMC and NetApp!!
    As Alex says, it wasn’t a case of cheating, more of a case of ‘getting the vote out’ but I wonder how many people who voted really read the blogs out there. And even if the all the Gestalt bloggers voted for each other; there’s not enough of us to sway the vote.
    It’s been interesting to see the seriousness that the vendors are beginning to treat the blogosphere and bloggers with.

  11. John F says:

    Now you’re taking it too seriously. I doubt the gestalt crowd would stoop to the level of the EMC crew. That was a parody. You are right on a level that some folks did take this way too seriously. The guy from Pillar linked a banner add to their website. I’m sure just about all the players sent internal corp spam to get out the vote. Heck, the otherwise sleepy HP crowed even started a spirited blog fight. I wouldn’t call any of that cheating.
    Anyway, glad to see sense of humor through all of this; the JBOD award… Almost choked on my coffee.

  12. Barry Whyte says:

    LOL, some of us do it for the fun, and were too busy doing real stuff (like making things better for our customers) to press gang… actually I missed the whole shebang! lol at me

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