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Welcome to the Blogosphere

Let me welcome two new bloggers to the blogosphere Spacrc  who starts with a nice history of Thin Provisioning. Myself and Spacrc actually started our IT careers at the same company (Lloyds TSB) and pretty much at the same time. We certainly worked on the same floor but were only probably vaguely aware of each other; he was 'Big Iron' and I was 'Open Systems'. But whilst I have spent most of my career apart from a brief sojurn into the world of pre-sales as an end-user; he has spent most of his career on the other side of the fence, most recently at EMC.

His insights into the storage industry will be interesting, even when he was an EMCer, he was always one of the good guys with no illusions as to both the weaknesses and the strengths of the EMC product set. Obviously he will have tread carefully as we all do with regards to NDAs but I am expecting good things of him!

And then, I must welcome Grumpy Storage aka @ianhf on Twitter; I've known Ian for a few years as a fellow member of the EMC Customer Council; Ian is a architect specialising in storage. Anyone who has followed Ian on Twitter or knows him in Real Life will know that grumpy is an apt description. But underneath that grumpy exterior beats the heart of a real grouch! Ian takes no prisoners, suffers fools poorly and is a welcome addition to the storage blogosphere, especially as a fellow end-user.

Ian believes passionately about the future of Cloud and I am especially looking forward to his insights and thoughts in that area!!

Both of them are UK-based and both like a beer on occasion; look out for announcements of #storagebeers on Twitter and the chance to meet up with them!


  1. Martin, thanks for highlighting these folks. Obviously, I’ve been following @ianhf for some time, and I look forward to adding these two blogs to those Emulex is tracking. Good stuff.

  2. marc farley says:

    Arrrrrrr, #storagebeers – eh? Pint me!

  3. Martin G says:

    Get yourself to the UK Marc and we can meet up for beers and curry! Can’t you get yourself over for StorageExpo in October!?

  4. Martin
    Many thanks for your post highlighting my entrance to the blogosphere, and your kind words. I hope I can live up to your expectations.
    And the beers are on me, when I have found a job !

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