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#storagebeers – London March 11th

So I know it’s a bit late notice however after a conversation in a pub last week; it has been suggested that we need another #storagebeers event and a pretty good opportunity has presented itself.

It is Cloud Expo next week (March 11th – March 12th) at the Exhell Centre. So for those of you interested, we have decided that on the evening of March 11th; there will be a #storagebeers. It is possible that there will be a number of vendors in attendance and there might be a possibility of the odd sponsored beer.

Normal #storagebeers rules are in force; anyone is welcome. All normal vendor hostilities are suspended for the evening..gentle banter and ribbing is allowed tho’!

But we don’t want force people to schlep out to the soul-less halls of despair that are the environs of the Excel and those of us attending might want to escape.

So the venue is ‘The Counting House’ near Bank for about 6pm; some of us will be grabbing food between 8 and 9pm.

Please come along…

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