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#storagebeers – London March 11th

So I know it’s a bit late notice however after a conversation in a pub last week; it has been suggested that we need another #storagebeers event and a pretty good opportunity has presented itself.

It is Cloud Expo next week (March 11th – March 12th) at the Exhell Centre. So for those of you interested, we have decided that on the evening of March 11th; there will be a #storagebeers. It is possible that there will be a number of vendors in attendance and there might be a possibility of the odd sponsored beer.

Normal #storagebeers rules are in force; anyone is welcome. All normal vendor hostilities are suspended for the evening..gentle banter and ribbing is allowed tho’!

But we don’t want force people to schlep out to the soul-less halls of despair that are the environs of the Excel and those of us attending might want to escape.

So the venue is ‘The Counting House’ near Bank for about 6pm; some of us will be grabbing food between 8 and 9pm.

Please come along…

#storagebeers – September 25th – London

So as the evenings draw in; what could be nicer than a decent pint of beer with great company?

Well, this isn’t that…it’s a #storagebeers to be held in London on September 25th. There’s a few storage events around this date and we thought that it would be an ideal opportunity to bring the community together.

So if you are a storage admin, a vendor, a journo or perhaps you work for EMC Marketing and you want come along and tell me why the megalaunch was awesome and not tacky….please come along.

We’ll be in the Lamb and Flag near Covent Garden from about 17:30, may be earlier.

There is a rumour that Mr Knieriemen will be there and buying at least one drink…

#storagebeers – Greg’s Buying!

Greg Knierieman, one of the ‘Gang of Three’ who host Speaking In Tech will be in London in mid-April; so it seems only right to celebrate with beer, probably followed by a curry.

This is your chance to meet Greg and ask him all the questions that you have, like

1) Is Eddie really that obnoxious and unemployable? Or is there some other reason why he can’t stay at a company longer than a few months?

2) Is Sarah really carrying a Neanderthal baby?

3) Has Greg been working out in case the Dell deal goes south?

If you fancy talking crap about storage and enterprise tech or just general crap!

So the date is April 17th and the venue is The Dispensary nr Aldgate, East London. Followed by curry afterwards at The Halal Restaurant.

#Storagebeers, SNIA Stuff

I posted a whilst ago giving early warning about a #storagebeers event in London.

This event will be Wednesday 23rd  May whilst most of the EMC storage world is partying in Vegas and having a great time (who knows, maybe one day I’ll work out how to get there). But we’ll hopefully also be having a good time as well in London.

1) It is Data Centre  Technology Academy time during the day;  come and heckle Alex McDonald or give him generous support as he works his way through a vendor-neutral presentation trying not to abuse his competitors. Always marvellous fun.

2) And then it will be London #storagebeers; Princess of Prussia is my proposed venue as it’s just a little walk from the DCTA venue. Hopefully then we’ll go and find somewhere to have a curry. I’m hoping we can get into Cafe Spice Namaste but failing that, we should be able to wander up the road and go to the Halal.

I’ve also been doing a little bit of work with SNIA Europe around how we get a bit more community involvement with SNIA and get more than the vendors involved. Please go here for the first SNIA Europe Blogger page/question…





Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a nice break and is ready to get back into the swing of things; 2012 is upon us and for us living in London, we look forward to a summer of travel chaos and ever increasing levels of hyperbole. It is both the London Olympics but also the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, so a great time to visit London and probably a great time to be living elsewhere.

Next week sees the Dell Storage Forum in London and the first #storagebeers of the year. Dell has had a year now to get their storage portfolio in order and 2012 must be the year that they begin to see their acquisitions deliver; yet, even that might not be enough and we need to see some innovation and road-maps presented. From Exanet to Compellent via Equallogic, there is enough product and I am looking forward to see how it gets woven into a strategy.

Yet Dell are not the only company who need to start weaving a strategy, arguably with the exception of EMC, this is the year when everyone needs to start drawing the weft and clothing their products with strategy and coherence.

And it is not just the vendors who need to get their strategies in order; this is very much the case for the end-user as well. Too much product and too much fluff still proliferates in many end-user organisations, this often due to a confusion between flexibility and choice.

From Cloud to Data Analytics; there has been a lot of playing with these technologies but many organisations need to move beyond this and into delivery of investment and results. As in every year, there is lots to do and as in every year, there might be too much to do. Start stripping away the fluff and delivering.


#storagebeers – London 2012

Dell are holding a ‘Dell Storage Forum’ event in early January 2012; I shan’t comment on the wisdom of running an event partially targeted at end-users in the week when many end-users will be coming out of Christmas change-freezes.

Anyway, I have been asked to ‘organise’ a #storagebeers; organising is really just a way of asking me to name a pub and a time. So without further ado, the first #storagebeers of the year will be on Tuesday January 10th meeting in ‘Ye Olde Chesire Cheese’ on Fleet Street from about 8 pm.

All are welcome, whether attending Dell Storage Forum or not…whether you work for Dell or not. Please come along and enjoy a pub where Dickens, Dr Johnson and Voltaire all drank.


#storagebeers – 20th October

Just a quick reminder, there will #storagebeers after IP-Expo on Thursday October 20th.

There are also #vbeers after IP-Expo on Wednesday.

Both events are happening at the same pub – The Atlas which is a stone’s throw from Earls Court.

The Atlas

16 Seagrave Road



I also know that there are various events happening in Copenhagen for VMworld.

So pop along to one of the events if you can.

Also remember, there will #storagebeers at SNW Europe in Frankfurt.

I look forward to meeting some of you in coming weeks.

#storagebeers schedule

Provisional #storagebeers dates for Autumn 2011

Thursday 15th September 2011 – likely venue – The Dispensary, Leman Street nr Aldgate. Generally a really good beer selection with a variety of real ales. Good choice of curry venues nearby as well.

Thursday 20th October 2011 – likely venue – nr IP Expo – 20th October is the day of Woz’s keynote.

Tuesday 1st November & Wednesday 2nd November – likely venue – nr SNW Europe conference venue, Frankfurt

Please note the final date is in Germany.

#storagebeers – 19th May London

There will be #storagebeers in London this week after the Data Centre Academy event arranged by SNIA.

5-30 to 8-00 Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London SW1p 3EE

8-00 to late The Westminster Arms, London SW1P 3AT

Look forward to seeing some of you there!

#storagebeers/InfoSmack MegaMix

The 24th March sees a storage happening; there will be #storagebeers and Infosmack co-mingled to produce a heady cocktail of delight!

A number of bloggers from far and wide will be in London for a vendor bloggers day; so we are taking the opportunity to hold a #storagebeers to celebrate the gathering of  the storage illuminati.

But that’s not all; Greg Knieriemen was already in town for the bloggers’ event and now the legend that is Marc Farley is also gracing London with his presence! So we have the two hosts of Infosmack in town together and at the same time…simply amazing!

The place is The Golden Fleece in the City of London; the time is from about 6:00; the date is March 24th!

It’s going to awesome…..or at least quite good! I’m hoping that it’s going to be Record Breaking personally!