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#storagebeers – Greg’s Buying!

Greg Knierieman, one of the ‘Gang of Three’ who host Speaking In Tech will be in London in mid-April; so it seems only right to celebrate with beer, probably followed by a curry.

This is your chance to meet Greg and ask him all the questions that you have, like

1) Is Eddie really that obnoxious and unemployable? Or is there some other reason why he can’t stay at a company longer than a few months?

2) Is Sarah really carrying a Neanderthal baby?

3) Has Greg been working out in case the Dell deal goes south?

If you fancy talking crap about storage and enterprise tech or just general crap!

So the date is April 17th and the venue is The Dispensary nr Aldgate, East London. Followed by curry afterwards at The Halal Restaurant.


  1. Howard Marks says:

    Great count me in. Amazingly enough I’ll be teaching a seminar in London the next day.

    Will be great to finally meet you in person Martin.

    – Howard

  2. […] And contrary to what @Storagebod says, Greg is too cheap to buy drinks. […]

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