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So I’m going to be at SNW Europe (all funded by the nice people who run it) and part of the deal is to spend time with vendors and let them brief me about their products; it’s almost like being a real journalist or analyst but of course I’m not!

And this seems to make it harder to know how to engage with me and with my fellow bloggers. Vendors try to work out whether to sell to us as many of us are end-users in our day jobs or do they treat us like they would a more traditional journalist.

So here’s some thoughts…

1) Read the blog; you don’t have to read the every entry but you should have an idea of what interests me and my style. We all have different styles; I don’t blog that much about product at the moment, so spamming me with speeds and feeds does not really work. I like to think that I blog more about themes and memes; thinking about why we do something as opposed to the detailed how.

2) Don’t talk at me; be prepared for a conversation. I’m not simply going to take your word for anything. As a end-user, I will use my experience and experiences as reference points but this is not an excuse for you to try to sell.

3) Don’t expect me to write a post about your product but you may find that it gets a mention in a broader piece about a theme or idea. I blog for ‘fun’ and not for profit…

4) Relax and enjoy it….us bloggers are generally a friendly bunch and the fact that we do this for fun means that it should be fun for you too. I’m not looking for a scoop or an exclusive; I’m just looking to find out cool stuff!

So tell me something cool….


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