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Sometime in the past couple of years, someone crept into Neal Stephenson’s bedroom and whispered into his ear

‘When you wake up, you are going write a book which will read like a techno-thriller and end like an extended scene from Modern Warfare; it will be an FPS in book form’

And so he woke up and started to write Reamde; this is not classic Stephenson, this is not a big ideas book, this book is designed to make you smile as it takes you on a ride through downtown China, the wilds of Canada and legendary landscape of T’Rain!

T”Rain? T’Rain is a MMORPG world where gold-farming is encouraged and where livings can be made; big money is possible and real world transactions can happen. So when a virus writer exploits that and demands a ransom to be paid in game to recover from the effects of a virus; all hell breaks loose and when the wrong laptop is infected…the story really starts.

But if you are a Stephenson fan and come expecting a typical Stephenson novel, you are going to be disappointed; if you come looking for new ideas (beyond that of T’Rain, which is a clever evolution of MMORPG), come looking for challenges and to learn.


If you put that all to one side and come looking a novel told at movie pace with a gamer’s fascination for hardware of all sorts; this is the novel for you!!

Do REAMDE! It’s fun!

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