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Virtual Angst

There appears to be a lot of angst and general uncertainty about VAAI; who is in and who is out of the Storage Cartel. Will the future developments of VAAI and VMware storage directions in general cut out some of the start-ups who have built their business models around VMware storage and is this an attempt to curtail or will it even accidentally curtail innovation in storage.

Personally, I think it will only curtail innovation if you buy into the premise that the storage market is reliant on VMware and its machinations. Now VMware and the mothership EMC want you to believe that this is the case; they want you to play on their pitch under their rules but you do not have to.

And if you only focus on VMware; you could well find that killer feature moves up the stack into the hypervisor and you are suddenly in a very cold place.

No, if you are driven by innovation; you need to ensure that VMware is part of your strategy and not your whole strategy. There are plenty of customers and users who are buying storage to do  more than just VMware; don’t make yourself irrelevant to them.

We are a long way away from the majority of datacentres being VMware monocultures; don’t fall into the trap…and that goes for the big boys as well.


  1. tgs says:

    those special API’s will become a “nice to have” but not a “need to have”

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