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Let the Campaign Begin!

So Zilla has fired the starting pistol for the race for EMC’s new CEO.

I would like to start the campaign to get Zilla appointed as EMC’s new CEO; he is the obvious choice and on that I think that we can all agree.

An EMC with Zilla in charge would be aggressive, ambitious and above all, amusing for us all to watch. He would be the Bond villain of the Storage Industry…planning for world domination from his underground base or at least his games room of doom!

Make EMC’s Court Jester the King!

Make EMC stand for Evil Mark’s Company!


  1. Sjon says:

    I dunno, but isn’t this somewhat trading sensitive information? Seems weird to openly jump the gun on this topic, being an EMC employee…..

    Unless I missed a press release somewhere.

  2. Martin G says:

    What sensitive information? Tucci standing down is no secret; Mark’s idle speculation is no more than that.

    There’s no story apart from a bit of fun.

  3. Appears his blog and all comments have been redacted.

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