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Beyond Tiresome….

Please stop it now….

Would NetApp please stop using their infamous CX3 Model 40 benchmark; you can’t even buy that array from EMC any more and haven’t been able to do so for some time. Weasel-worded apologies that you can’t find any newer data is just that….weasel-words!

Move on, you’ll be better for it! And if you constantly compare yourself to outdated technology, it really does not do you any favours at all!



  1. Aaron Skogsberg says:

    Not too mention it was not submitted via EMC. What is even more impressive is 3Par uses those bogus numbers supplied by NetApp in their presentations. I had a customer send me an excerpt from a recent presentation. N-2 comparison carry no merit especially when the results were falsely released by a competitor. Move on!

  2. Hi Martin,

    Bit late to reply to this post, but it was just forwarded to me.

    I would love for them to stop using this tired and completely wrong example, but it seems they just can’t help themselves.

    I got so sick of it, I wrote a whole diatribe on it.

    I like NetApp for the most part, I just really hate some of their practices.

    Anyways, keep up the good work, I love your blog.

    Aus Storage Guy

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