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The Joy of Cloud

Although I have may suggested that 'Cloud is the new ITIL' in my previous blog; there is an alternative view, 'Cloud is the new sex'!

People talk a lot about Cloud, but few people are doing it!

There are many Cloud Experts, most of them have never done it!

You probably wouldn't want to sleep with most Cloud Experts! 

The best people at Cloud are too busy doing it to talk about it!

There are mixed opinions as to whether Cloud is better in private or public!

Some people would simply prefer a nice cup of tea!

Many people worry if they are doing Cloud the right way!

Choose your partner carefully before doing Cloud!

Cloud can be expensive if done with the wrong people!

Cloud can be career-limiting if done with the wrong people!

There are many types of Cloud, some are just wrong and some are just personal preference!

Your attitude to Cloud may be influenced by your early experience of IT!

Older people may be better at Cloud than you expect!

Cloud was invented in the sixties! You only think you're the first person to do it!

Your first experience of Cloud may be underwhelming!

Cloud can be messy!

How you do Cloud is probably more important than the tools!

Take your time when doing Cloud! 

Cloud can be complicated but it doesn't have to be!

Cloud with multiple partners can take careful scheduling and planning!

Only exhibitionists do Cloud in front of Windows! This does not make it wrong but it might amuse some observers.

Without protection, Cloud can lead to unintended consequences and virii.

I'm sure you can think of your own….


  1. Chuck Hollis says:

    OK, this is way too much fun ..
    “I haven’t done cloud, but I’ve seen pictures …”
    “The best cloud experiences are when you just relax and enjoy the ride …”
    “There’s more to cloud than just saving money …”
    “I hear if we all get together and do cloud, it’ll be better for all of us …”
    “My parents don’t want to discuss cloud, so I have to learn about it from my peers …”
    Do I get to smoke a cigarette after cloud?
    — Chuck

  2. Han_Solo says:

    Thanks for lighting up the topic.
    These type of buzzwords that the mindless robots in the press/analysts/clueless management take hold of each year have got to be one of the WORST parts of working in this industry.
    Bah…some of them are good technology but man I get tired of the marketing BS and the clueless mgmt dropping them like they know what they are talking about.

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