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An Alternative Reality…

EMC, the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today introduced a new family of unified data centre solutions – the EMC DCE – Data Center Environment.

These new systems are result of many years work and collaboration between EMC’s industry leading storage, server and virtualisation divisions. Technologies from the Symmetrix, AViiON, McData and VMware divisions have been brought together to build the world’s complete Data-Center Solution.

The boundaries between storage and compute have now been removed with the new DCE range allowing compute workloads to be run alongside storage workloads within in a single device greatly reducing the need for complex storage network infrastructures.

EMC are leveraging their VMware technology to provide the capability to consolidate server workloads into a single unified environment and utilising NUMA expertise and technology from the AViion division to build a scale-out server environment which can support both storage and compute workloads with seamless migration of workloads between the individual engines in the new Data Center Environment.

These technologies running alongside EMC’s leading Enginuity storage operating system in a single environment have enabled EMC to demonstrate the capability to run an entire Data-Center from within a single system including the provision of VDI down to the desktop.

With the McData division providing networking expertise and technology; this is a truly unified Data-Center environment.

Yes, the above is based on the premise that EMC did not can Data General’s server division and continued to develop the technology that it acquired, also that EMC did not spin VMware and McData off but how far is it from being a reality if EMC decided to make it so?

Could they take the VMAX hardware platform and turn it into a single Data Centre Environment? I suspect the answer is yes but their partnership with Cisco somewhat precludes them from doing this but if Cisco ever moved into storage?

The only piece that EMC are really missing is the network but I reckon that is a rectifiable situation; if EMC ever buy a network company, you know where EMC are going.

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  1. Ewan says:

    They could call it an AS/400, then constantly rename it over the next 20 years until people forget what made it special in the first place 🙂

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