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And So(NAS) the Silliness Continues

I had a horrible feeling that it was all going to go this way this year, like boy racers proving their manliness, the vendors have decided to drag-race their various devices around the SpecFS track.

EMC and IBM loading up their systems with nitro and blasting down a straight-track which has little to do with reality. NetApp standing on the side-lines and pointing that someone is cheating. Is it IBM, is it EMC? Do we care?

Obviously the vendors do….I do wonder if it’s not time to come up with a new benchmark; I’m thinking like a Top Gear challenge.

1) Arbitrary budget set; let’s say £100,000

2) A number of challenges to be set such as

  • how fast it takes to rack, stack and configure?
  • how fast can you make it go?
  • how much data can you store now you’ve configured it for performance?
  • how quickly can a non-storage person add shares etc?

You know realistic things?

3) And then we get a pair of cranes and play conkers by hanging the devices off them and smashing them into one another!

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  1. Mike SHeea says:

    Probably better if this version of Top Gear (thanks for the export by the way!) would be centered on delivering what was promised, and doing so in a manner that serves the core business, rather than just the IT function.

    But that would be hard work – eh? It would require some active working knowledge of the business challenges being faced. Not saying that a workable solution (in IT terms) is unimportant, but I rarely see any thought given to building requirements that focus the eye on the core business at hand.

    I know, I know, we’d rather focus on the infinitely more interesting bits whirling around the box, but those don’t pay us, do they?

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