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Four Pineapples

Well it’s a long time since I won an award for anything but my blog has been awarded Four Pineapples by Thinking Problem Management blog!! Made my day!! Hey, even the legendary Tom Peters only managed three!!!


  1. Chuck Hollis says:

    You beat me — I only got a measly TWO pineapples.

  2. Martin G says:

    Well, I didn’t want to mention that but hey, you get to give important keynotes at events and have rocks thrown at you. So I still suspect that you outweigh me in the world of storage!

  3. Ronald says:

    You’re welcome to the award as your blog is objective. Well done and pop in for a Pina Coloda when you are in this neck of the Kalahari!

  4. Well done that man, and keep up the good work. I just seem to get raspberries…

  5. Marc says:

    well done young fella 🙂

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