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Virtually Interesting

One of the interesting things which is going to fall out of the Banking Crisis is the merger of Lloyds and HBOS; why interesting? Well I know a little bit about both environments; we all talk and we all compare estates, I don't think any of this is 'secret', one of the environments is a large HDS environment and the other is large IBM environment, both have made fairly significant investments in Storage Virtualisation and it will be interesting to see long-term which wins. I don't see both surviving. I guess it depends how aggressive the merger proceeds; the Lloyds-TSB merger fairly plodded.

If there is a silver-lining to the current cloud, we are going to see a fair amount of work I guess migrating and consolidating environments in the Finance Sector; those vendors which have good migration enabling tools might have a bright future.


  1. Barry Whyte says:

    Wouldn’t the one taking over the other be the precedent ?!

  2. Martin G says:

    You are probably right! My experience of mergers goes something like this.
    Big company takes over smaller company but calls it a merger to try and avoid upsetting the staff.
    Audit of IT systems to pick best of breed.
    After lots of politics, big company’s systems go forward even if they are rubbish.
    I’ve been both big company and smaller company. So I’ve experienced it from both sides.

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