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Five Pineapples

Thinking Problem Management blog has now awarded me Five Pineapples. I'm a bit concerned that I was boring about EMC NDAs, I don't consciously remember being boring about EMC NDAs. But I'm extremely sorry if I was!! I'll try to be equally boring about NetApp, 3PAR and IBM et al NDAs in future; I don't want to be seen to have any bias!!

Actually NDAs are incredibly tedious and especially being under multiple vendor NDAs, I find at times having to tread a very precarious line. Especially one vendor is going on about their unique feature which they are going to launch and you are sitting there thinking, 'Not as unique as you think!'

And then there is whole thing of knowing more about upcoming products than the 'poor' sales-guy in front of you.

But the worse type of NDA is when a problem is discovered which could have dramatic implications to the whole community of fellow Storagebods! And then you get NDAed and you can't tell anyone! Full disclosure should be allowed; we should be able to tell people that they could be sitting on a ticking time-bomb. Of course, the vendor who thinks that we don't unofficially do so….is seriously misguided.

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