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Get Involved.

As I discuss in my previous post here; what we are seeing with Cloud is very similar to what we saw with the PC revolution of the 80s. We see a de-centralisation of the control of the Corporate IT function and we see a very similar response to this movement from many people within the traditional IT functions.

But perhaps we can learn from history and ensure that this change is less painful and more productive. One of the most significant things about this change is that we can all influence it; the Cloud is not yet a fully fledged movement and we can all steer this ship; it is being debated, defined and developed in public. We can't stop it but we can influence it. Most of the commentators, influencers and nascent practitioners are accessible to all; most write blogs and most are active in all kinds of Social Media.

The Cloud that I am talking about is not the Cloud of Mash-Ups and Social Media, this is not the Cloud of start-ups; this is the Enterprise Cloud which will run our Enterprises in the future. This is a chance for us to get involved in a movement which will define the next ten years of our careers.

In fact if you have lived through the previous changes in computing such as the move to the PC and then to the Internet; you have a huge amount to bring to this discussion. I would encourage you all to get involved this time, don't let Cloud Computing be something which simply happens to you.

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