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A Slight Return

I intend to start updating here again occasionally as the itches begin to build up again and I feel the need to scratch. There’s a lot going in the industry and there’s a massive amount of confusion about where it’s going at the moment.

I’m having interesting conversations with industry figures, many of them are as confused privately as they are sure publicly. Few seem to know exactly how this all plays out and not just storage guys.

I had a conversation a couple of days ago that put the electricity supply model for compute back on the radar; the technology enablers are beginning to line up to make this much more feasible but is the will/desire there? This debate will carry on until we wake up and realise that it’s all changed again.

Flash and trash is still fascinating; vendors still playing games with pricing and comparisons that make little sense. Valuations out of control (maybe) and yet quite possibly we can see the time when flash does become the standard as the prices continue to fall and storage requirements continue to soar.

And a lastly, a big thanks to all those have offered support, prayers, kind thoughts to me over the past few months. It does help..watching people you love go through chemo isn’t fun but it does help reset your priorities a bit.

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  1. John Martin says:

    Chemo is a tough journey, even as a somewhat powerless observer. Adding up the percentages and knowing you’d give anything to pull the odds in your favour. It makes the stuff the storage industry bangs on about seem really petty. From my experience it clouds everything with uncertainty, so I’m not surprised you see the current set of transitions as being a tad overinflated.

    If and when you get your moments of clarity, Write them down, I think your new perspective will make what you write more valuable, more honest, and more compassionate


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