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Friday Doom

More and more people seem to think that we are moving to some kind of bimodal storage environment where all your active data sits on AFA and everything else in an object store.

Or as I like to think of it; your data comes rushing in as an unruly torrent and becomes becalmed in a big data swamp which stinks up the place; it then sits and rots for many years, eventually becoming the fuel that you run your business on and leads to the destruction of the planet due to targeted advertising of tat that people simply must have!

So just say No to Flash and No to Object Storage!


  1. Ed Rolison says:

    On the day when all my users can give meaningful and accurate answers to questions about performance requirement and information lifecycle, then maybe this’ll work. I mean, plenty of places do tiered storage with a bit of flash and a lot of rust.

    But AFA + Object store requires far too much forethought and planning to be a general purpose model for ‘real world’ scenarios 🙂

  2. IMHO, Flash+Object don’t give the right idea if we don’t talk about how we access data (interfaces).

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