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FUD Returns?

Are we drifting into another round of the storage wars where FUD starts to fly? It always makes for good copy. The little guy complaining about the big guy who is complaining about the little guy; David with his sling versus Goliath with his rocket launcher.

EMC versus 3Par NetApp Pure Storage?

The thing with FUD is that it doesn’t really work unless there is the tiniest grain of truth in their somewhere; you take the smallest and most inconsequential thing and magnify it. And in storage, it is really easy to do it….why?

Because it depends!

Storage workloads can be very different and have very different characteristics; a great majority of my workloads are very different to most peoples. And I find myself taking exception to almost every marketing message out there from all vendors.

Tape Is Dead? Not in my workloads; tape is really the only current economical media for long term digital archives.

Disk is cheaper than tape? Only if you can get significant dedupe and compression.

SSD is better than disk? When throughput is king; disk and SSD end-up about the same.

SSD same price as disk?   Only if you can get significant dedupe and compression.

Scale-Up versus Scale-Out? I happen to think that Scale-Out is the best architecture, it suits my applications..if you have a large legacy estate, you might find that Scale-Up works better for you.

There are so many factors to account for in many workloads; from application design to the nature of the data…

Storage doesn’t really distil down into a nice simple marketing message but it doesn’t stop them from trying and hence we get FUD.

It’s sometimes Funny

It’s mostly Useless

It’s written by Drones…

And we’ll get more of it this year than we have had for a few years…

And where’s Marc Farley when you need him…



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