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IT’s choking the life out of me.

I’ve been fairly used to the idea that my PC at home is substantially better than my work one; this has certainly been the case for me for more than a decade. I’m a geek and I spend more than most on my personal technology environment.

However, it is no longer just my home PC; I’ve got better software tools and back-end systems; my home workflow is so much better than my work workflow; it’s not even close. And the integration with my mobile devices, it’s a completely different league altogether. I can edit documents on my iPad, my MBA, my desktop, even my phone and they’ll all sync up and be in the same place for me. My email is a common experience across all devices. My media; it’s just there.

With the only real exception of games; it doesn’t matter which device I’m using to do stuff.

And what is more; it’s not just me; my daughter has the same for her stuff as does my wife. We’ve not had to do anything clever, there’s no clever scripting involved, we just use consumer-level stuff.

Yet our working experience is so much poorer; if my wife wants to work on her stuff for her job, she’s either got to email it to herself or use ‘GoToMyPC’ provided by her employer.

Let’s be honest, for most of us now…our work environment is quite frankly rubbish. It has fallen so far behind consumer IT, it’s sad.

It’s no longer the technology enthusiast who generally has a better environment…it’s almost everyone who has access to IT. And not only that, we pay a lot less for it than the average business.

Our suppliers hide behind a cloak of complexity; I’m beginning to wonder if IT as it is traditionally understood by business is no longer an enabler, it’s just a choke-point.

And yes there are many excuses as to why this is the case; go ahead…make them! I’ve made them myself but I don’t really believe them any more…do you?


  1. Rob says:

    Hey Martin – I completely agree. I am amazed to watch my teens concurrently collaborate on Google Docs among classmates. They think it is the status quo – they’ve never grown up with the archaic tools you and I know. It will be very interesting to see how the work environment changes over the next 10 years.

  2. alpharob says:

    It’s legit security concerns. How long did it take before approved mobile devices started showing up in workplaces? Companies worry about IP leaking out and/or other nasties happening so they gum things up on purpose. I recall teasing a security weenie a few former jobs ago because they hadn’t stuffed up the USB ports yet and of course anyone could copy a doc to a flash drive and walk it out the door. He wasn’t amused.

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