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Speed2Pb is Heavy Going…

EMC Marketing have done it again and managed to turn into what might be an interesting refresh of a product into something that just irritates me and many others.

It started off badly when they put the Sneak Preview video up and decided to have a dig at their lead competitor; then some tweets where they used the tag #NotAppy.

And then the hype cycle started to ramp up. So we have a ridiculously overblown launch with some tenuous link to F1. Tyre changing competitions and the likes which appear to be fun but just break up the presentations and destroy the flow.

EMC are just very bad at this sort of launch; speeds, feeds, marketing mumbo-jumbo linked in with videos/events which trash competitors, bore the audience and add little value. But all with the highest production values.

So what did the event feel like? It felt like an internal kick-off, an event where EMC high-five themselves and pretty ignore the customers. This felt more like an EMC event of eons ago along with a smattering of cheer-leading from Social Media.

There was little about the value, the use-case and what it will allow customers to do.

Death by PowerPoint; overly complex and busy slides.

And no humour…no humour! Make me laugh, make me smile!

Obviously I’m sure that it all played well to everyone else…and I’m not the target audience.

However, I think the technologies launched might be interesting; I think if the VNX2 code has undergone a rewrite, it’s long overdue and an achievement. It deserved better…

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