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A New Job – for you maybe?

Although it is no great secret as to who my employer is; I’m sure you can all use Google and LinkedIn, I very rarely post about the specifics of my job. It does influence what I write about obviously but often less than you might think.

This post however is entirely linked to my employer. I have a vacancy in my team and perhaps someone reading this might be interested in coming to work for me. The job advert is here and very good it is too; well, I wrote most of it. However perhaps you might want some more detail.

My storage team provides support and delivery expertise for storage in our Broadcast Technology group. A mixture of delivery, support, some design and general madness will make up your day. Tasks vary from the very mundane; from bar-coding tapes and loading libraries to placating users to the planning of installation of new storage devices to scripting to sitting through vendor powerpoints and trying not to laugh too hard; with all points in between as well.

We use a mixture of traditional storage and some more esoteric stuff; so you may find yourself  upgrading a NetApp filer one-day; adding clients to a TSM server the next; working with the server and network teams to work out why GPFS is misbehaving the next.

At times, you will find yourself on the bleeding edge and doing things that few have done before. Answering big questions like how you build a grow-forever archive and little questions as to how to restore from said archive.

You will get frustrated at both the pace of change but also at times, why does it take so long to adopt some technologies? But you will get to do some cool stuff and when you turn the TV on, you can smile and take pleasure in the fact that you helped put those pictures on the screen.

You can see the technologies I’m interested in in the advert. But more important is attitude and aptitude. You need to want to learn and you must bring a sense of fun and enjoyment with you.

If you’ve got any questions…ask below or work out my email address.

And NO AGENCIES please!

And just in case you missed it…click here





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  1. srs says:

    This job description makes me think I live in the wrong country. Working with all the technologies I enjoy working on.

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