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This is a very early warning of #storagebeers on May 13th but this is #storagebeers with a twist! I want the 'bods of the world to join in #!EMC-World! 

So where-ever you are, gather your fellow bods be they of a storage, virtualisation or any persuasion and go to the local bar and partake of your favourite brew! The only place which is not permitted to hold a #storagebeers event is Boston!



  1. Technically, EMC World is in South Boston.
    South Boston is generally considered a Territory of the Republic of Ireland.
    As such, you have no jurisdiction to prevent #storagebeers at EMC World.

  2. Martin G says:

    I think you will find that as the Secretary of the #storagebeers organisation; I have every right to declare any rogue #storagebeers event null and void! You may hold #!storagebeers at #EMCWorld tho’! But like American beer, it shall be a pale imitation of the real thing!
    We could try to have a link-up between #!storagebeers and #storagebeers but that might cancel out the beer, this would be *bad*!

  3. James Ridley says:

    Is Bud and any beer ending in the word Lite allowed?

  4. Storagezilla says:

    You’re suffering from delusions of grandeur, #storagebeers will occur at EMC World as planned.
    It’ll also occur numerous times during the day and night resulting in the mass hangover Beanbag snooze occurring as per usual.
    The fact you can’t get your busted ass on a plane, wife+daughter would be glad to see the back of you for four nights I’d imagine, is no excuse for militancy. ;-p

  5. Martin G says:

    This is business as usual for EMC, just stealing other people’s ideas and not playing by the rules. However, never let it be said that I am any less than democratic, I shall be convening the #storagebeers politburo at the next #storagebeers to discuss whether we will authenticate #storagebeers at EMC-World as the genuine event.
    However, any consumption of Bud will negate it’s authenticity and it will be known as #storage!beers and shall be cast into the wilderness!
    But it should be noted, the #storagebeers is declared as a vendor-neutral zone! Nobody can be excluded from #storagebeers on grounds of vendor-affiliation!

  6. Michael Dunn says:

    I work for a VAR and am in sales. So I am sure most of what I will say will be dismissed or just ignored. 🙂
    Given your role as Secretary of the #storagebeers organization, I am seeking your approval to sanction me as the official host of Chicago #storagebeers event.
    Mike Dunn

  7. Martin G says:

    Hey Mike, consider yourself the official #storagebeers Chicago host. Just remember, #storagebeers is an opportunity to network and share; it’s not the place for sales-pitches!

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