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More Musings on Consumers and Cloud

I must stop looking at Kickstarter, I will end up bankrupt but it does give some insight in what is going to drive the Cloud and Big Data from a consumer point of view.

From Ubi to Ouya to Memeto; these are all new consumer devices that are going to further drive our relience on the Cloud and Cloud Services. The latter being a life-logging device that could drive the amount of storage that we require through the roof; they believe that an individual could be generating 1.5Tb of data per annum, they really don’t need a huge amount of customers to be generating multiple petabytes of data per year. And if they are successful, more devices will appear, some offering higher resolution, some potentially starting to offer video….

Many people will look at such services and wonder why anyone would be interested but it really doesn’t matter…these services are going to make today’s services look frugal in their use of storage.

And then the growth of voice recognition services where the recognition has been driven to the Cloud and causing a massive increase in the growth of compute requirements.

Throw in non-linear viewing of media and services like Catch-Up TV and we have almost a perfect storm…

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