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The thing with the Internet, Social Media and all these wonderful technologies is that the world no longer stops at Kansas or where-ever else you happen to call home. The world is The World and it maybe time to start getting used to that. 

So if you work in PR, Marketing, Social Media and anything else which involves getting your message across to a global market, can I suggest that this list or something like it might be very useful. It stops you organising important webinars and events on major holidays. And yes, somewhere in the world is always on holiday but try to be aware of it. 

And then use it; for example, an invite to an event saying, we know it's a public holiday where you are but we've got this event which you might be interested in; however we understand if you can't make it and here is the link to where a recording of the event is being stored. 

Also if you've got storage announcements to make; here's a list of dates to avoid

    March 31st – my birthday!

    May 26th – little Bod's birthday!

    May 30th – my Wedding anniversary!

    July 21st – Mrs Bod's birthday!

I shall ignore the subject of EMC-World and the fact that it appears that the whole of EMC would turn into a giant pumpkin if it left North America.

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  1. marc farley says:

    What about dentist and doctor appointments?

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