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#storagebeers schedule

Quick note on some proposed #storagebeers

15th April 2010 – London

13th May 2010 – Global !EMCWorld #storagebeers – also known as DaaD beers i.e Drunk at a Distance!

18th May 2010 – After SNIA Academy event in London 

Venues TBA! 

Please come along! They are generally great networking opportunities.


  1. Amnon Izhar says:

    The May 13th storagebeers looks like a great date.
    Will the beers be teleported from a distance from a London bar to Boston?

  2. Martin G says:

    I have some ambivalence towards EMC World hosting a #storagebeers! In order for them to be legitimate #storagebeers, they must held in an open venue.
    #storagebeers must be free to attend and open to all storage people!
    And altho’ consumption of beer is not compulsory at #storagebeers because some people do not like beer, the consumption of any ‘lite’ beer is banned!

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