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Like modern-day fairy dust, #awesomesauce can be liberally applied to everyday objects and make them appear special but like fairy dust, the illusion often fades. 

#awesomesauce has many uses in the world of IT

    It can bring the appearance of coherence 

    It can make accidental seem deliberate 

    It can make visions appear as solid objects

    It can make short-sightedness appear as focus

    It can make profligacy appear virtuous 

    It can turn OEM to OWN

    It can turn partnership into eternal bliss

After consuming #awesomesauce you may believe many things and you will be compelled to tell the world of the #awesomesauce you have just consumed!

But #awesomesauce needs to be consumed with care; for it can lead to a funny taste in the mouth and general feelings of nausea from both the diners but also everyone in contact with the diners.

There is much #awsomesauce around at the moment, so beware the #awesomesauce and the purveyors of #awesomesauce as unlike the tales of magic and fairy dust; there are no frog princes, Robespierre saw to that!  

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  1. I want to put a bottle of #awesomesauce in the ring with a can of whoopass and see who wins – Huge fan of both! The can both brighten an IT guys day!

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