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UK Storage Management Forum – 23rd October

Due to various reasons, the invitation for this is going out late. So in an effort to drum up some attendance, I'm posting the invite on the blog.

Please note that the event is sponsored by EMC, so if you work for A.N.Other vendor you might not be 100% welcome. However if you work for an end-user and you don't use EMC kit but you still think the agenda sounds interesting or just want a chance to network with an interesting bunch of people, you'd be welcome and we can always do with a different perspective.

UK/ Ireland Storage Management Forum


23rd October 2008

Holiday Inn Kensington Forum
97 Cromwell Road


09:30 Introductions / Welcome and Message from the Chairman
09:45 Emulex: Fibre Channel over Ethernet

10:45 Coffee

11:00 Symmetrix Manager and Symmetrix Management Console Integration: ControlCenter 6.1 and beyond

12:15 ControlCenter User Community Communication

12:45 Lunch

13:45 Exanet: Multimedia Storage

14:45 Coffee

15:00 ControlCenter Update and Panel Session

16:00 Future Topics / Agenda for Next Meeting

16:30 Close


Register here

I look forward to seeing you there!

Virtually Interesting

One of the interesting things which is going to fall out of the Banking Crisis is the merger of Lloyds and HBOS; why interesting? Well I know a little bit about both environments; we all talk and we all compare estates, I don't think any of this is 'secret', one of the environments is a large HDS environment and the other is large IBM environment, both have made fairly significant investments in Storage Virtualisation and it will be interesting to see long-term which wins. I don't see both surviving. I guess it depends how aggressive the merger proceeds; the Lloyds-TSB merger fairly plodded.

If there is a silver-lining to the current cloud, we are going to see a fair amount of work I guess migrating and consolidating environments in the Finance Sector; those vendors which have good migration enabling tools might have a bright future.

Storage Fuel Efficiency Measure

Alex McDonald is suggesting a measure for the effectiveness of storage capacity here; he has come up the term Effective Load Factor which he shortens to ELF and then accompanies with which is either a picture of a dwarf or a gnome, it’s certainly not an Elf! BTW I am surprised that EMC have not picked on this blatant error!

I am going to suggest another measure, the Megabytes Per Gigabyte; to be known as the MPG! Per Gigabyte of disk, how much data can I store? In the UK, cars often have their MPGs quoted for different types of driving, so we have the Urban (City) Cycle which generally has really terrible MPGs and Motorway Cycle which has much better MPGs. So for storage, we could have the VMware MPG, the OLTP MPG, the streaming video MPG; perhaps all quoted at a standard IOP with a known read/write profile.