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Father Christmas Letters – The Last One

Dear Father Christmas,

                                yes I
mean you, the real one who lives near the North Pole! I've got a few
requests for you; Christmas is a time for a giving and I've got some
ideas for some friends of mine

Chuck – A copy of December's Children by the Rolling Stones; you know the one, it's got a copy of 'Get Off of My Cloud' on it.

Val – I was thinking of something similar but sometimes I think he needs to lighten up, so I think a copy of this. He could join Charlie and Lola on a Cloud-hopping adventure.

Barry B – Perhaps a boxed set of The Fast Show or perhaps as a counter to his FAST aspirations, In Praise of Slow.

Barry W – Perhaps this would be good or considering he's a Master Inventor, this might be even better.

Mark – He could probably do with the afore mentioned In Praise of Slow but I know he'll never heed the advice; so as a media gadget head, this looks sweet.

– Can you hide his passport for the next six months or so; only let him
have it back for Le Mans and then hide it again. That and can you hire
him an assistant! Or just a case of this.

Chris – get him a Synology 509+ for his virtual lab. I don't think he's getting on too well with his Drobo.

Dan – well, he doesn't get anything as he keeps forgetting my Jelly Beans! Or perhaps a copy of this, I think he'll need it soon. Or at least a real version of this.

Stephen and all my other fellow authors at Gestaltit – MBPs all round but can you wait till the middle of the year for the next refresh.

Marc – for the master of StorageRap, just something to help hone his skills or perhaps this but most of all a big giant star for his door…he is our very own Storage Star.

Sunshine – well I'd get her this because I know she likes him. But perhaps this would be more appropriate.

for all my other friends, readers and twitters; a peaceful Christmas, a
prosperous New Year and general health and happiness!

Best Regards,



  1. ianhf says:

    Fantastic – love the collection of letters and lists 🙂
    So what is it that you’d like? (and don’t say ‘world peace’ or I’ll have an image of you in a swimsuit & sash Miss World stylee that I really could do without!)
    I’m thinking a Tardis to perhaps keep your ever growing IT lab kit in – or perhaps a mind reader so you can mentally dictate your blogs and be able to write more of them? 🙂

  2. Thanks for the individual shout-out Martin! I looked up the Amazon Canada site which (curiously unlike the UK edition) lets me peek inside the book. Looks cute. We don’t get that children’s series over here, but my 3yr old may enjoy it.
    FYI – I have already made my 2010 resolution to not engage in any more #twitpisses (or whatever you rename that to 🙂 If I’m in the mood, I will merely hashtag any flagrant NetApp misrepresentations as #mad (for Kostadis’ excellent “Mutually Assured Destruction” acronym) and simply move on.
    At the end of the day, negativity is passe and will fade as this difficult decade ends. There are so many more positive developments to comment on as we close out 2009 and look forward to 2010!

  3. Barry Whyte says:

    A great take on the storage biz and us “characters” out here, and more than the usual spoonful of humor. Much appreciated.
    An expense account would be lovely… hehe – but I do need to get back to my more regular blogging ways in 2010, that should be my resolution, oh and I’m on one of these now :
    Here’s to 2010, I know its going to be interesting to say the least.

  4. Daniel Eason says:

    Mr Bod…
    My recommendation to Saint Knickerless for your pressie has to be this, just think you could have an avatar on certain keys of your fellow Storage Vendor reps (or account managers) you like to rant at 🙂
    Lastly what a great year it has been mixing with #storagebeers peeps and you guys actually taking the sh*te that comes out my mouth after 5 or 6 Stellas seriously….this however can sometimes go a bit pear shaped especially when I mention the fabled M word!
    Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2010 to you and your tribe
    PS Jelly Beans keep…i’ll bring some at the next #storagebeers!

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