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You Matter…

Sometimes working in IT and especially in end-user IT is a thankless task; you feel besieged by vendors and users, all of those who seem to know how to do your job better and more efficiently. However this Friday (or whenever you are reading this), I want you to pause and reflect, consider the impact of what you do on a day-to-day basis. Consider your impact on your Business and the customers of your Business but for once don’t think about what you do badly, think about what positive impacts you have.

Perhaps like me, you turn on the television and see pictures? Well, I did that or my teams certainly enabled that to happen. Maybe you work for retail company; when you see a shopping bag full of goods, you did that! People walking down the street, perhaps if you work for a health-provider; they are alive because of the work you do. You make things happen.

So whenever you read this, pat yourself and your industry peers on the back; you do good work and what you do makes a difference to millions of people.

Don’t forget it.

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